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Vietview Hotel accepts payment with major credit cards and bank transfer service


Credit Card Offline Payment

Vieview Hotel offers Credit card Offline payment for our Guests who book rooms and other services directly with the Hotel through email or telephone. The Guests will provide us their Credit Cards' Infomation, then the Hotel will verify a mount of money for these booking from their Credit Cards. When Guests check out, Vietview Hotel offline those amouts to complete the Payment.


Credit Card Online Payment

Vietview Hotel understands that major credit/debit cards (such as VisaCard, MasterCard, and AmericanExpress) are increasingly being used, especially in the big cities and tourist places; and they are one of the most convenient method of carrying money for travellers. Hence, with our Booking engince, the Guests can pay directly online without commission.


Bank Trasfer

Vietview Hotel also offers Bank Transfer Service. The Hotel will provide Hotel Bank Account Information, which the Guests can tranfer money directly to Hotel Bank Account for Payment.


Money-Exchange places and ATM machines

For those hesitant to carry a large amount of cash around, ATMs (automatic teller machines) have become increasingly popular in Vietnam (mostly in cities) and have attracted many foreign visitors. Most banks offer this service and the registration for an account is simple and fast. All ATMs are locally interconnected. However, ATMs only give in Vietnamese Dong (VND)



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